The person doing the energy clearing needs to be physically present in the space in order to clear it.

Not true. When the client is local, Jane prefers to be present in the space in order to clear it. However,  space clearing can be easily done long distance when the client provides a floor plan and map of the space.

Ghosts stay with the properties they inhabit and are there because they have lived in the property in the past.

Sometimes true. There are many reasons a home has dark and/or discarnate energy. Contrary to popular belief, ghost-type energy can move around. Someone can bring discarnate energy into their space after a trip to the mall, a restaurant and especially from their favorite bar, where discarnate activity is usually particularly strong.

Only old houses/properties have ghost/discarnate energy. Newly built houses are clear because they have no history.

Not true as a general rule. While older homes and properties have more of a chance to be energetically dirty, newly built structures can gather negative energy from the contractor, sub-contractors, future homeowners, others associated with the property, or simply because the property location is tainted in some way (portals, burial grounds, etc).

There are no ghost’s in my house so the energy is fine, right?

Even a property clear of discarnate or ghost energy can be energetically dirty. Especially if the property has housed people with illnesses, prolonged sadness as evidenced by grief and depression, or anger. These emotions become trapped in the property and do affect the overall health and well-being of its occupants. Event triggers might be a death, divorce, loss of a job, etc.

Smudging a house will clear out all of the dark or “bad” energy.

Smudging a property with white sage or sweet grass can greatly help with the removal of dark energy.  It does not seem to do anything for the removal of discarnate energy and does not address other types of energies that may be present in the home such as portals. Smudging is best used as an “up-keep” method after the property has been thoroughly cleared by a paranormal professional.

Clearing a space is permanent since the discarnate activity comes with the history of the house.

Not true. While a thorough energy clearing will keep the home clean for an extended period of time, (the same way a thorough Spring Cleaning keeps the property physically clean for longer), it’s not permanent. Over time, the property’s occupants can bring home discarnate or dark energy and any strong emotions released into the property can build up if not regularly cleared out. it’s recommended that

The ghost energy doesn’t bother me so there’s no need to clear it out. Right?

It’s my personal belief that discarnate energy needs to move on from the Earth plane to the other side for continuation of their Soul’s work. Ghosts trapped here are reliving the last moments of their life over and over again, which, of itself is quite sad. And, ghost energy does taint a property with lower vibrational energy, which is not for the best and highest good of the occupants.  Call in a professional to help you deal with this energy for EVERYBODY’S best interests.

My ghost has been with the house for ages. It’s her house. It’s be best to leave her here as she’s guarding the space. Right?

See above. For the best and highest good of this energy, it would be best to help them cross over.  They have much work to do on the other side which can’t be done when they are stuck in the Earth plane AND they can come back to visit their property if they wish once they have gained the perspective, insight and healing that they’ll get from the other side.