Tips, Discoveries, “Did You Know?”

Tips, Discoveries, "Did You Know?"

  1. Clothes closets tend to be more full of discarnate energy than other parts of a home. Discarnate energy "sticks' to our clothes as we travel about and then collects in our closets.
  2. Art work, old pottery, old furniture, may absorb dark energy over time. If the objects are over-full, that energy then gets spilled back into a space. Energetically clearing these objects solves the problem.  Once clear, they are able to act as vacuums again to absorb more dark energy
  3. Certain art work and objects actually project dark or negative energy into a space. For example, the Zozobra images from Santa Fe, pictures of cemeteries with crosses, crosses in general (a symbol of death)
  4. Some art work actually acts as a protective shield for a space. One home I cleared had a Mask on the wall outside the bedroom door. The  Mask actually talked to me and told me it was protecting the space. The bedroom and master bathroom were totally clear of any dark spirits or energy when I checked.
  5. Shrines and Altars in a home protect spaces well. Meditation rooms are often energetically clear and calm.
  6. Women's Restrooms are often full of discarnate energy, while the Men's Restrooms are usually totally clear or only mildly energetically dirty. (you've got to contact me to ask why.)
  7. Children, especially those younger ones, are better able to feel dark or disturbing energy. Treat their concerns about "monsters" or "scary people" in their room seriously and have a professional come in to access the situation and clear it if need be.
  8. Ghost energy tends to hide behind or in things. We often find discarnate energy behind doors, in closets and in the bathtub/shower areas of home.
  9. Discarnate energy generally won't come into your space from outdoors unless you have a door open, or an unscreened window open.  While they can come into the space, they seem to remember their physicality and perceive walls, doors, windows as barriers.
  10. Feng shui and Vastu principals do seem to help guard against dark energy. It's not 100% fool-proof however so some discarnate energy can slip through. The Feng Shui'd spaces just seem to be much LESS energetically dirty.
  11. A person can and often does bring discarnate energy into a space from their travels around town. We recommend learning some personal energy clearing practices to help cut down on energetic pollution in a home.