Our Business

Geyser Energy Clearing Services, a DBA of Gesyer, LLC is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and was founded in 2006.

Jane has extensive training and experience as a psychic, medium and paranormal investigator. She was certified as a Medical Intuitive through Seer Holistic Health and received her psychic training through Echo Bodine, a nationally-known author and respected psychic and medium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Prior to moving to Santa Fe, Jane was a mortgage banker for 30 years.

Her company offers a variety of energy clearing services to homeowners, real estate agents, property managers, restaurant owners, hotel managers and other business owners.


Who We Are

Geyser, LLC, dba Geyser Energy Clearing Services, opened its first office in 2005 in Minneapolis, MN. In 2009, the office was moved to Santa Fe, NM to broaden its customer base.

A national corporation, Geyser, LLC has clients all over the United States as most of our services can be done long distance.

What We Do

Our  space clearing mission is to create safe, supportive, energetically-healthy environments for individuals and businesses to maximize the enjoyment of their spaces and to allow for increased profitability of any business housed there.

Guiding Principles

  • We believe in respecting and valuing all things as intelligent and sacred.
  • We believe that creating energetically healthy environments, indoors and out-, aligned with nature, best supports all life.