Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do you know if there are spirits/ghosts in the spaces you are clearing? Do you see them?
  • I can feel the energy of a ghost/spirit and occasionally they talk to me. I use a dowsing rod to confirm my intuitive hits. I “see” ghosts/spirits with my third eye (mind’s eye) and don’t actually seem them with my physical eyes.
  1. How do you know where the various energies such as ghosts, portals, etc are?
  • I feel the energies through some tingling in my body, and I “see” the energies through my mind’s eye. I use my dowsing rod to confirm my hits.
  1. Do I have to be in the space while you work?  Can I run errands outside the space?
  •  Feel free to work in the space or run errands as you need to. I will text you when I start the clearing, which is initially done remotely. If you are local to me in Bend, I can arrange for a home visit to check my work with you.
  1. How are you able to tell when the space is energetically clean/clear?
  • I use several processes to thoroughly clear a space and use my Isis pendulum to confirm when each process is completed.  I can also “see” and “feel” the difference when I look at the Google Map of your property.
  1. What will I notice after you’ve cleared my space?  Will I be able to tell anything?
  • The space looks cleaner…sort of like the walls have been painted or like the room is brighter. The space also feels, lighter, nicer. And the rooms that felt heavy and “tough” to enter now feel airy and fresh.  That being said, while most of my clients can “see” and “feel” the difference, some may not, and that is okay. 
  1. How long does a clearing take?
  • Most full energy clearings take anywhere from two to three hours and are done remotely from my office in Bend, OR. It depends on the size of the space and surrounding property. My longest was around 12 hours for an 18,000 sq ft compound comprised of several houses and buildings. I’ve also spent about five hours clearing a large 3 story restaurant with 60 employees, some of whom I also cleared.
  1. What do you do to clear my space?
  • I have a long list of protocols and things I check for that I use for space clearing. Because I do the majority of my work from my office, I use an Isis brass pendulum and work with a large group of Guides and energies who also assist me.
  1. What are discarnates? Discarnate energy?
  • Discarnate energy refers to energies that are out of body. “Out of the flesh” in Latin. i.e. GHOSTS.
  1. What are portals?
  • Portals are energy “holes” that show up on the planet from up above that connect energies to the planet. These could be connections from planets… from extraterrestrial energies, or other galactic sources.
  1. What kind of things do you generally find in the spaces you clear?
  • I generally look for and often find: discarnate energy, dimensional energy, portals, the occasional spaceship and just plain “dark/disturbing/emotional energy.”
  1. Do you clear the outdoor space as well as indoors?
  • Yes.. Outdoor energies, such as portals near the space will be cleared to the best of my ability. I include up to five acres around the main building/house. The Energy Cleansing, Battle Release and Soil Balancing and Stabilizing Processes are done for the whole property (land and buildings).
  1. I have something in my house that moves things around?  What is that?
  • This is discarnate (ghost-type) energy. Sometimes these are referred to as poltergeists if they are particularly mischievous.  Be careful if this energy starts doing dangerous things (eg. lighting your fireplace, placing items in your way, such that you might trip or fall). Time to call for professional assistance if this starts to happen. 
  1. Why would I even need to have my house/space energetically cleared.  I’m sure I have no ghost energy?
  • You may not need a clearing.  However, if you’ve gone through a period of illness, grief, strong anger, bad luck in general, those feelings do get trapped in a home/space and linger there, making your space less inviting and certainly affecting your day-to-day mood.  And, if you have just purchased a new home ,or moved to a new rental space, it might be a good idea to have it energy-cleared, the same way you would want it physically cleaned so you’re starting out with a clean slate.
  1. How would I know if my space needs a clearing?
  • Here are some things you might notice: 1) You feel uneasy in the space or in one particular room; 2) Your child complains of “monsters” or scary “people/energy” in the room ( they may even refuse to sleep there). 3) You feel a presence looming over you at night while you sleep. 4) You hear sounds such as creaking, walking, and it just doesn’t feel like it’s a house noise (use your intuition here). There’s more but you get the idea. It’s worth it for your peace-of-mind to have it checked out by a professional.
  1. Can you clear a space without being IN the space. I don’t live anywhere near Santa Fe, NM.
  • Yes!  I use Google Maps to connect into properties all over the United States and even internationally. If the property location is tricky to find, such as very rural properties or properties in another country, I will have the property owner provide more clarity on the properties location and will verify that I have the location correct before starting the work.
  1. Do you smudge the spaces you clear?
  • No smudging. I find that many clients, especially the real estate agents who hire me to have their home listings cleared, prefer to keep their spaces scent-free. And, the work I do is so thorough that smudging is not necessary. After I’ve cleared a space, many clients smudge occasionally with white sage or sweet grass to help keep the space clear. Again, it’s their option.
  1. How often should I have my space cleared?
  • The level of work I do is akin to having your car detailed or a very thorough spring cleaning. Thus, unless there has been a major detrimental life event in the space or an ongoing illness, divorce, etc, I recommend an energy clearing every six months to one year. In most cases a quarterly clearing is as thorough as you’ll need, provided you are doing some smudging on a regular basis. 
  1. Do you energy-clear people too?
  • Yes!!  I am a Certified Medical Intuitive and use some similar tools to clear any discarnate or dark energies that are attached to people. I also help you clear energetic cords too
  1. My space/house is brand-new and I’m the first occupant, there shouldn’t be any bad energy here… right?
  • Wrong!  You don’t know what types of energies the contractor and sub-contractors have brought into the space.  Did everyone get along?  Were they fighting and arguing during the process? Was anyone grieving or ill while working on your space?  Did the house get built over a major outdoor energy source/portal?  If your space feels great, it probably is, but if not, get it checked out by a professional.

20. Do you teach any classes on this so I can learn to do these things myself?

  • I offer a variety of classes  on subjects related to energy work.