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“Wow, I … feel really noticeably lighter and brighter.

(my daughter) and I were telling (my wife) how she LOOKED visibly different after her (energy) clearing, and this morning (my wife) said the same about me – that there was noticeably less tension around my eyes, that my face just looked happier and brighter and less tense.”

James S. Penticton

British Columbia

“I am feeling really good, lighter, clearer, happier and less judgmental of myself and others…. And (my husband)  and (daughter) say I immediately looked different. I absolutely credit you with the change, as it goes straight to the day you did the (energy)  clearing. I am feeling relief from inner conflicts and more focused. Cheers to all that! I am so very grateful you gave me such a gift of renewal!”

Liz S. Penticton

British Columbia

“I knew the home deserved something extra to help it shine. Although beautiful in every way, the house did not feel right to me.

I hired Jane Phillips and she has made all the difference! The home now shines with an inner beauty and sense of up-liftment (people don’t want to leave the Open Houses I hold) and the place just feels so . . . Right! Truth is, I think every home deserves Jane’s work, not just the ones we want to sell.”

Mary L.

Associate Broker, Coldwell Banker Trails West Realty, Santa Fe, NM

“I had a beautiful listing in Santa Fe that had been on the market for over eight months with several showings and two offers that did not work. the house had been feng shui’d and staged.

Though my association with Jane Phillips, I knew that she was the person to clear the energy of the home. Four days after the final clearing we received the offer that sold the home 30 days later.

….I recommend her to any home-seller or real estate professional who wants the competitive edge.

DeAnne O.

Associate Broker, EXP Realty , Santa Fe, NM

“I had a listing that was on the market for close to two years. . . . I was on the verge of letting the listing go.
Jane Phillips stopped by and volunteered to use her clearing techniques in the house. . . . I had to admit the house seemed happier and more pleasant when she finished. I was a little skeptical though. . . Within a week of Jane performing her clearing we had a contract on the house! Nothing else had changed… This felt like a miracle and I will certainly consider calling Jane Phillips when I have other properties that just refuse to sell.”

Lise K.

Associate Broker, Keller Williams Realty, Santa Fe, NM