Commercial Property Clearings

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Commercial Property Clearings

Space clearing and ghostbusting for businesses can really make a difference in the atmosphere of the workplace and ultimately the employee job-satisfaction.  Happy employees work harder and are generally more productive.  Whether you are a sole-proprietor or a business owner of a larger company, consider having a workplace energy assessment.

And companies that cater to the public . . . restaurants, hotels, etc read below for more information.

Restaurant Owners

Pic_Restaurant-smBad or poorly prepared food may not be the only reason that your customers choose to not come back to your restaurant.

Is your restaurant one of many who have occupied the space in the past few years? Perhaps there is an energetic reason for this. Negative energy from the previous owners may be "trapped" in your restaurant space. And you may have inherited "spirit activity" that has been with the property for years. Take the time to have your space assessed and if necessary, energy cleared.

When the energy feels good, customers linger longer, buy more, refer their friends and come back over and over again themselves. So when you are covering all the bases to make your restaurant successful . . . menu, staff, atmosphere, location . . . don't forget to consider clearing the energy too. We'll help make your restaurant the success it was meant to be.

Hotel Managers

Pic_Hotel-smOne night stays . . . one night stands . . .  A hotel receives a lot of activity from it's travelers. Each one leaves a bit of themselves behind energetically. You clean your rooms between guests and even while they are staying with you. Why not have a process to clear the energy of your hotel rooms, lobby, breakfast room and especially meeting rooms on a regular basis.

Energy clearing can contribute favorably to your hotel's revenues and to the general positive feeling your guests have about your hotel. And your meeting rooms are some of the highest money-producing spaces you have. At least call for an assessment of these spaces and see if a clearing could make a difference in YOUR bottom-line.

One local hotel manager in Santa Fe, whose testimonial is included here, noticed that, after we energy-cleared one of her meeting rooms, the guests started making comments about how great the space was which ultimately lead to more space rentals. Previously all she had been hearing was complaints.