Residential Property Clearings

Residential Property Clearings

Pic_House-smOur specialty is energy clearing and ghostbusting of residential property with a particular emphasis on working with real estate agents to help get their listings SOLD.

We also have found many clients who ask us to clear a home that they have recently purchased.

And we also do a general clearing of the land surrounding your property at the same time.

Haunted Homes for Sale

We specialize in assisting real estate agents and homeowners who have a property for sale. By clearing the sold-home-sign.313105201_stdhome's negative energy, the property appeal to potential homebuyers is increased. We help to eliminate that "doesn't feel right" sensation that many potential buyers experience. When we're done with a clearing the house actually "sparkles."  Think of the work we do as "detailing." The same level of cleaning you would expect from having your car "detailed."

And you can pay us at the closing of the property. When you get paid, we get paid. Fees are based upon property value and acreage.

Several of the homes we have cleared, after being on the market from eight months to over two years, in one case, have received offers within days of the clearing. Please view our Testimonials page for more details.

Faster sales means fewer price reductions, less expenses for marketing, mortgage payments and maintenance. Get paid sooner with more money in everybody's pocket. We're here to help.

New Home Purchase Clearings

The same way you want your new home physically clean when you move in you might want to consider having it energetically clean and cleared.

Property sales due to foreclosure, short sale, divorce, death in the family, ... create stressful energy that can linger in your new home. An energy clearing will eliminate that energy and get you off to a fresh new start.

And, we recommend that you have your possessions moved into the house before clearing the space. That way everything gets cleared at once and you will settle in comfortably.

Just Plain "Haunted"

Not selling or buying a home but . . . You know something is going on in your house. Strange noises at night . . . the sense that someone is in the room with you . . . your children are having trouble sleeping because of the "monsters" in their room . . . your dog/cat is acting strangely.

You deserve to live comfortably in your home. Rid yourself of unwanted "guests."  Give us a call today to discuss your situation by phone and we'll come out to assess your home.

If you live more than 60 miles from Santa Fe, NM we will consult with you by phone and clear the property long distance. You'll need to provide us the plans of your house and property for the best results. We're here to help.